Diagram of a Brokk 250


Technical Data



Transport length excel attachment  3,600 mm (141,7 in)
Transport height, lowest 1,760 mm (69,3 in)
Transport width    
--outriggers retracted 1,200 mm (42,2 in)
--outriggers folded 1,530 mm (60,2 in)
--without wheels, outriggers retracted 790 mm (31,1 in)
Operating width, outriggers unfolded 2,450 mm (96,5 in)
Wheelbase 1,000 mm (39,4 in)
Ground clearance, approx 200 mm (7,9 in)



Weight complete excl attachment 3,060 kg (6,750 lb)
--undercarriage, complete 1,870 kg (4,120 lb)
--undercarriage, without wheels 1,620 kg (3,570 lb)
--revolving table with boom 1,190 kg (2,625 lb)



Unlimited revolutions  
Slewing speed 14 sec / 360°
Travel speed, max 2,5 lm/h (1,5 mi/h)


Other Data

Wheels solid rubber
Gradient 30°
Weight hammer,max 350 kg (770 lb)


Hydraulic System

Type of pump Variable displacement loadsensing
Pressure 16,5 MPa
Flow 0-100 1/min (0-26 US gal/min)


Electric Motor

Output 22 kW
Number of revolutions See marking
Voltage/frequency See marking
Amperage See marking
Starting device Y/D / Dir- starter


Control System

Control Unit Remote control box
Signal code Analogical
Control mode Cable


Diagram of the dimensions of Brokk 250      


Diagram of the dimensions of Brokk 250      Diagram of the dimensions of Brokk 250


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