Designed and fabricated in our own Machine Shop, Bluegrass pin drills provide a reliable, fast technique for pulling casings on P&A and slot recovery projects. Bluegrass-designed pin drills are versatile, lightweight, and easy to set up and reset repeatedly which reduces down time or diver time between cuts. Both single and dual pin systems are operated from one control station by a single technician.

How they work

The clamp frame with a simple pin locking mechanism pivots to allow unit placement either directly over the casing end, or on the side. The clamp frame consists of four adjustable screws which adapt to the configuration of casing interior strings. Once the four clamp screws are adjusted and set, repeated setups are efficiently accomplished by simply loosening two screws, lowering frame to next cut site, and re-tightening. Dual pin units drill from either side and meet in the middle. Single pin units drill from one side and are usually used for casings less than 12” or in tight spaces.

Specifications and Speeds

Our single and dual pin drills are constructed of high quality aluminum and engineered to drill a hole through any size casing in a single pass. A 36” capacity dual pin drill has an air weight of 486 lbs (212 kg), and a water weight of 291 lbs (132 kg). Typical hole diameters range from 3” to 8” to accommodate pins sized proportionate to the length of conductor the crane can lift. They are powered by a 40 gpm (151 lpm) hydraulic power pack via a control cart. Example: a 4” diameter hole on a 30” multi string casing drilled from both sides can be accomplished in 20 minutes.


Single Pin Drill Data Sheet 

 Dual Pin Drill Data Sheet




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