We have the resources, capabilities, and experience to take on any size job, anywhere on the globe. Our scope of expertise and equipment inventory means our response to your needs will be prompt, efficient, and innovative.

  • Diamond Wire Sawing
  • A fundamental component of Bluegrass’ expertise as a concrete cutting contractor, these versatile saws can be configured and deployed to cut anything, anywhere. Engineered, custom built and tested in-house, our diamond wire technology delivers the most accurate concrete and metal cutting service in the industry.

  • Brokk Robotic Hammering
  • Our remotely controlled concrete demolition machines are highly accurate, productive and able to access tight spaces while keeping the operator safe. Extreme location experience and over 30 varied size hammers means Bluegrass can meet any project specifications.

  • Concrete Shaving
  • A process which quickly and efficiently removes the surface of contaminated floors, ceilings and walls by shaving off layers to a pre-determined depth, leaving a smooth polished surface. Shaving technology is often used on decommissioning and decontamination jobs in the nuclear industry.

  • Core Drilling
  • Bluegrass core drilling technology is used in all industries to achieve successful precision cuts and access to infrastructure.  Our diamond bits have a drilling capacity up to 42” in diameter and certain core bits have a depth capacity of 50’.

  • Plunge Sawing
  • When the backside of a cut cannot be directly accessed, we configure a plunge saw to make the cut by pushing diamond wire between core holes.   

  • The Bluegrass Team
  • Bluegrass’ ability to deliver reliable results on time, on schedule, and with an emphasis on safety is a function of our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, operators, technicians and support staff. We arrive on site with the required training, certification and expertise.  From bid to completion, the Bluegrass Team performs to the highest industry standards and is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

  • The Machine Shop
  • A support facility for Bluegrass Companies Operations, this is where customized diamond wire saws, drills, and support structures are engineered, fabricated, and tested to meet job specifications with high-quality components that are a Bluegrass standard.

  • Pin Drilling
  • Used mainly in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry to remove conductors, Bluegrass pin drills provide a reliable and efficient technology for P&A jobs. The design is adaptable, lightweight, and able to drill through any casing in a single pass. This cost effective state-of-the-art method requires one technician, and reduces down time between cuts.

For controlled rock and concrete demolition using a non-explosive expansive grout, Bustar delivers predictable safe and silent demolition solutions.

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The Bluegrass culture promotes a safety first attitude. On job sites our technicians are prepared, aware, equipped and committed to safe practices.

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We mobilize a full spectrum of resources to deliver prompt, successful results: highly trained personnel, dependable equipment, diamond wire saws, robotic hammers, a machine shop and more.

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If your question is not answered here, contact us to discuss your project. Our experienced staff is prepared to provide solutions to any metal and concrete demolition challenge.

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