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Bluegrass has been providing customers with creative solutions to difficult metal and concrete cutting challenges across a spectrum of industries since 1979.   We recognize that every demolition, downsizing, upgrading, retrofitting, decommissioning, dismantling, and modification project has a unique set of limitations.  We are experts at analyzing the variables, assessing safety , structural, and environmental considerations, and proposing a customized cutting plan designed to address project needs.  These are job stories selected from many thousands of successful projects and satisfied customers.  These real world solutions demonstrate We Cut Anything.


Nuclear Ship Savannah Renovation
Location:  Baltimore, MD

Client:  Radiation Safety and Control Services 

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Concrete Shaving at ISFSI Site
Location:  Bay City, TX
Client:  Day and Zimmerman
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San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Demolition
Location:  San Francisco, CA
Contractor:  Kiewit / Manson AJV 
Partner:  Silverado Contractors
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NASA Concrete Silo Dismantling
Location:  New Orleans, LA
Contractor: Boh Brothers
Owner:  NASA 
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Metal Cutting Provides Access To Boilers

Location:  Barnesville, GA

Client:  Bilfinger Industrial Services Inc.
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Concrete Pillar and Foundation Removal for Steel Mill Retrofit
Location:  Cayce, SC

Client:  Sun Construction SC 

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Hydromill Rescue In Boston
Location:  Boston, MA
Client:  Treviicos
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Saluda Dam Seismic Remediation
Location:  Columbia, SC
Client:  Barnard Construction Inc.
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Highway Bridge Demolition
Location:  Houston, TX & New Orleans, LA
Clients:  DH Griffin & Boh Brothers
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Death Valley Stadium Expansion

Location:  Baton Rouge, LA

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Nuclear Reactor Vessel Removal at Connecticut Yankee
Location:  Haddam Neck, CT
Customer: Bechtel Power Corporation
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Fixing the Sophia D
Location:  Curacao, Caribbean Islands
Partner:  Parker Diving
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Railroad Bridge Pier Removal
Location:  Harrisburg, OR
Owner:  Union Pacific Railroad
Partner:  Allen Engineering 
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Copano Bay Bridge Pier Removal
Location:  Copano Bay, Rockport, TX
Partner:  Williams Brothers
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Ghent Power Plant Retrofit

Location: Ghent, KY
Owner: Kentucky Utilities Company
Client: KBR

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Flood Water Pump Station Retrofit

Location: New Orleans, LA
Owner: US Army Corp of Engineers
Partner: Cayo LLC

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Spark-Free Steel Pipe Cutting
Location: Midwest USA
Client: URS Energy & Construction Inc.


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Myanmar Platform Tank Segmentation
Location:  Myanmar, Indian Ocean
Owner:  Total S.A. and Myanmar Government
Client:  IEV Group
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CDM Topside Compressor Base Cuts

Location: Grand Chenier, LA, Gulf of Mexico
Owner: Plains Gas Solutions
Contractor: CDM (Craig, Dean & Meyers)


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Bolosphere Segmentation
Location Test Cut: Greenville, AL
Location Job Site: Santa Fe, NM
Client:  Energy Solutions
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Brunswick Nuclear Core Drill
Location: Southport, NC
Client: Duke Energy - Progressive
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Plum Brook Station Decommission
Location: Sandusky, OH
Partners: MOTA Corporation and Claus Construction
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Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant Decommission
Location: Jefferson County, CO
Partner: Bartlett Services
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Hiwassee Dam Slot Cut
Location: Murphy, NC
Partner: TVA
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Nucor Steel Mill Retrofit

Location: Memphis, TN
Owner: Nucor Steel
Client: Associated Brigham Contractors Inc.


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Trojan Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning
Location:  Rainier, OR
Customer:  Portland General Electric
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Pecan Island Compressor Base Cut
Location: Pecan Island, LA
Owner: Hilcorp
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SONGs Decommissioning Support
Location: San Clemente, CA
Partner: Bechtel Power


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Pisces Energy Mustang Island
Location: Gulf of Mexico
Owner: Pisces Energy
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Location: Gulf of Mexico
Owner: Chevron
Client: Wildwell
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LCRA Chimney Foundation Modification

Location: La Grange, TX
Owner: LCRA

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Tallulah Falls Plug Removal

Location: Tallulah Falls, GA

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Lacrosse BWR Nuclear Decommissioning
Location: La Crosse, WI
Customer: Bigge Power Constructors

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Lucite Chemical Plant Boiler Plate Demolition

Location: Memphis, TN
Owner: Lucite International, Inc.

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Railroad Outage: Bridge Pier Modifications

Location: Goodrich, TX
Client:  DH Blattner & Sons Inc.

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Nucor Rolling Mill Upgrade

Location: Norfolk, NE
Client:  Nucor Steel

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Clinton Memorial Bridge
Location: Pulaski County, AR
Client: Jensen Construction
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Lake Matthews Water Intake Structure modifications
Location: Riverside, CA
Client:  Taylor Brothers

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Nuclear Reactor Head Segmentation
Location:  Sacramento, CA
Customer: Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

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San Onofre Nuclear Decommissioning
Location: San Clemente, CA
Customer:  Southern California Edison
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Port of Los Angeles
Location:  Port of Los Angeles, CA
Partner:  Manson Construction



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Dumbarton Bridge Seismic Retrofit
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Partner:  Shimmick Construction
Owner:  CA Dept. of Transportation

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Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant
Location:  Eureka, CA
Client:  PG & E
Partner:  Burns & Roe Enterprises, Inc.
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Arkansas Nuclear One Condenser Segmentation
Location: Russellville, AR
Customer:  Entergy Operations Inc.
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Waterford Nuclear Generating Station
Location: Killona, LA
Client:  Entergy
Partner:  SGT
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Big Rock Point
Location:  Charlevoix, MI
Customer:  BNFL

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Sequoyah Nuclear Plant/TVA

Location: Soddy Daisy, TN

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