Offshore Decommissioning Capabilities

Our domestic and global scope of offshore jobs includes precision cutting single and multi-string conductors, jacket legs, stringers, pipelines, seabed umbilicals, slot recovery, risers, wellheads, jacket foundations, piles, mooring chains, and links. In addition to our decommissioning services, customers and partners use Bluegrass expertise topside to perform maintenance and upgrades, module removals, topside removals, crane pedestal modifications, lifting lugs removals, hurricane remediation and more.

Used in offshore decommissioning and topside jobs, our patented diamond wire saw is a vibration-free, no-impact, cold cutting technology built to segment any material, of any diameter, above and below waterline. The Bluegrass continuous loop, four wheel drive diamond wire saw reduces cut times by providing greater torque and consistent wire grip, thus reducing slippage and wire breaks.

Our wide range of sub-sea saws can either be installed by divers to depths of -300' (91.4 meters) while being monitored and hydraulically powered from the platform or barge, or they can be installed and powered at any depth by working class ROV's. Used for pulling casings on P&A jobs, our single and double pin drills are designed to be maneuverable, quickly adjusted and to reduce down time between cuts.

Bluegrass operators have completed all industry certifications, and arrive on the job site with the expertise, experience and engineering to accomplish cutting jobs without bending or compromising the remaining structure. We have a complete in house support structure to fabricate and modify our saws and drills when unforeseen challenges arise, which allows our technicians and equipment to continue operating and keeps your projects on schedule.

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