Concrete Shaving

Bluegrass has a track record of delivering performance and reliability to decommissioning and decontamination projects in nuclear and industrial facilities by deploying specialized concrete shaving equipment.  Concrete shaving is a process which quickly and efficiently removes the surface of contaminated floors, ceilings and walls by shaving off layers to a pre-determined depth leaving a polished surface.   Separation of the contaminated surface from the bulk of the concrete significantly reduces the volume of material required to be treated as waste, as the remaining bulk then can be considered contamination free and removed using conventional methods.

Our concrete shaving technology operates in incremental depths from 1 mm – 10 mm per pass, removes the predefined layer – including embedded metals --and is accurate to within 0.1mm.  It leaves a surface smooth enough to obtain immediate direct frisk readings, saves time by eliminating the need for multiple passes, and creates minimal vibration. The volume of waste is reduced by as much as 50% over other methods, which translates to savings in time and disposal costs.

Safety The performance of diamond concrete shaving technology is the safest solution for decontamination jobs.  It limits the spread of contamination by containing dust using HEPA vacuum technology, it reduces waste volume by efficiently removing the contaminated layer, and its remote deployment capabilities remove operators from hazardous conditions. 


Concrete Floor Shaver:  Bluegrass uses the Marcrist Concrete Shaver* for use on contaminated concrete slab. The heart of the system is Marcrists uniquely designed, and patented, interlocking surface shaving diamond blades. This system enables the blades to produce a completely smooth surface that is easily surveyed.

Bluegrass concrete shaver operators walk behind the self-propelled unit which shaves a 10” path and uses HEPA vacuum technology to ensure a dust-free environment. 
  • Achieves smoother surface then other concrete shaving methods making final release survey more reliable
Bluegrass recommends this technology’s ganged diamond blade cutting head as a best practices solution for contaminated ceilings, walls and floors.


Concrete Wall Shaver Deployment System: The key to Bluegrass’ ability to shave contaminated vertical surfaces is our concrete wall shaving system's remote control capabilities. 

Shaving vs Scabbling:  Decommissioning contractors prefer concrete shaving over concrete scabbling as a superior method.   Scabbling is the method of removing the top layers of contaminated concrete with a chipping and hammering machine. One problem with the scabbling systems is more material than necessary must be removed to eliminate the possibility of high spots (i.e. protruding aggregate) thus producing several times more secondary waste than necessary which then must be contained at source and later stored.  Another problem with the scabbling method is the quantity of dust produced which must also be controlled and contained.  
Projects successfully completed using Diamond Concrete Shaving Technology:
Plum Brook Station • MOTA Corporation

Plum Brook Station • MOTA Corporation

Projects completed using Diamond Concrete Shaving Technology Diamond Concrete Shaving Technology

Plum Brook Station • MOTA Corporation

Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant




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