Metal Cutting

Bluegrass’ metal cutting services can be applied to many segmentation or modification projects. Our broad array of experience includes cutting armor plating, a 28” diameter crank shafts, discharge rings, process piping, base plates, reactor nozzles, heat exchangers, copper, aluminum, steel, nickel, and furnace spills.

Contractors recognize Bluegrass as an industry leader in metal cutting methods which include dry cutting technology, specially designed diamond wire saws that can fit any spatial restraints, and remote control systems.  Our research and development team performs full scale mock-ups and custom designs and fabricates fixtures in our machine shop to ensure efficient, time sensitive, and safe implementation of the metal cutting process involved with each project.

No matter the cuts or applications, any size or shape, our metal cutting specialists have the equipment, experience and expertise to get the job done. 

120-ton condenser split into half via Metal Cutting

 Metal cutting examples:

  • Two 120-ton condensers were split in half so that four 60-ton sections could be removed. The diamond wire cut through 27,000 tubes of inconel, 1/4” steel ducts and steel baffle plates. One cut was made in twelve hours.
  • Our diamond wire saws easily cut through a 13,000 lb copper structure during a technology demonstration.
  • Average cutting time for six nozzles was 22 hours. No water or other liquid coolants were used minimizing the creation of waste and consequent cleanup.

See article 'Diamond Tools Not Just for Concrete' to read about our work at the Lucite Chemical Plant.

Copper Cutting Demonstration
See our copper cutting demonstration on You Tube.

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