Your team performed absolutely as expected.  Not a scratch on plant equipment, except as planned.  Not a scratch on an individual.  They were ready to go when we got it ready for them.  --"Shorty" St. Laurent, Entergy

Your early success was instrumental in allowing our project the opportunity to complete, two seasons worth of inwater work in one season, affording us, Kiewit Manson AJV, the ability to beat our CPM schedule by a full year.  -- Zach Reilly, Project Manager,   Kiewit / Manson AJV

"To deliver a project 12 months early and generate a saving of US$20 million dollars is truly a world class project and a testament to the foresight and collaborative approach involved."   --International judging panel, 2018 World Demolition Awards, Dublin, Ireland


"The actual cutting portion of the Fontana project is complete and de-mobilized.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for a job well done.  Bluegrass is very professional at what they do.  ...As with all projects, there were questions and issues -- the difference here was everyone involved cooperated and looked for a safe and practical resolution."

- Darrell Moses, Construction Manager, TVA, Fontana Dam


"Bluegrass' expertise in diamond wire sawing services was a great benefit to Dix Corporation while preparing for the installation of a spillway isolation gate at Brilliant Dam."

- Mike Dix, Project Manager, Dix Corporation, Brilliant Dam


"I had experience with Bluegrass in the past. They proved to be a high quality dependable contractor capable of completing large projects on schedule."

- Larry Votruba, Construction / Contractor Coordinating Supervisor, Nucor Construction


"Bluegrass arrived on site at 7:45.  Unloaded and staged equipment.  Drilled 1 access hole 58" for wire.  Set up saw cut 1 horizontal 84" x 58", cutting thru 58" of 1" plate and 53" of 2 5/8 plates.  Then set up saw and cut vertical 16" x 58".   Finished cutting at 7:20.  Cleaned area had forklift to load out trailer.  Very good job." 

- Daily Report Description of Work Performed, CR Meyer, Kimberly Clark Beech Island


"Use of the Marcrist Diamond Floor Shaver for decontamination of radioactive contamination from concrete floors has begun at Rancho Seco. The Marcrist Shaver was originally selected due to it's proven ability to remove between 1/8" to 1/4" of the contaminated concrete surface per pass at a production rate of approximately 100 ft2/hour; ease of operation as the shaver is self-propelled and can be operated and easily moved by a single worker, and generates a very dense waste product which results in a low volume of produced waste. However, most importantly, the Shaver leaves a smooth surface that is acceptable for final site radiological surveys. The resulting smooth surface helps to ensure that surface beta scans and direct measurements, supporting final site survey, are performed efficiently, effectively and reliably."

- Michael Snyder, Principal Radiological Engineer, Rancho Seco Decommissioning Project


"Based upon our past success using the Shavers, we determined it was the equipment of choice to decontaminate the floors, walls and ceilings. Bluegrass provided the needed support for shipping, repairs, spare parts and consultation during this phase of work at the Project. Especially noteworthy was the ability of Bluegrass to supply this project with ample "quantities" of the "correct" spare parts that normally wear out during these very demanding and difficult operations."

- Rolf E. Amundson, Sr. Project Manager, Washington Group International


"In October of 2005 Tejas Maintenance, a Subsidiary of Exline Inc., contacted several diamond wire saw companies for assistance with a project in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our knowledge of the diamond wire saw method of concrete demolition was limited. The professional staff at Bluegrass quickly responded to Tejas' inquiries and turned in a favorable estimate. As a result, Bluegrass was chosen to demo the compressor foundations. We are very pleased with the results and have the highest regards for the employees of Bluegrass. They are very knowledgeable, innovative and amiable to work with."

- Val Joe Walker, Sr. Project Manager, Foundations Division, Tejas Maintenance, Inc.


"This project was a stepping stone for OCCI, Inc. and Bluegrass to build a relationship for the future. It is OCCI's intention to partner with Bluegrass for years to come! Since completion of this project, OCCI has been awarded a similar project at another lock and has partnered with BBC to complete the concrete demolition. BBC was chosen for this project due to their innovative approach to the demolition as well as their team approach to the entire job which allowed for overall project success."

- Doug Kolb, Project Manager, OCCI, Inc.


"The cost for reactor head segmentation ultimately proved to be less than the contract award amount and in fact was approximately equal to what costs for transport and packaging an intact reactor head would have been."

- Michael Snyder, Principal Radiological Enginee, Rancho Seco Decommissioning Project


"I have heard nothing but praise for your Team!  They jumped right in on Day One and got it done.  We really appreciate working with professionals and plan on seeing you again next year.  Thanks."

- Charles R. Humphrey, Subcontracts Administrator, KBR, Enid Expansion Project


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