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Hiwassee Dam Slot Cut Project Completed Successfully

Bluegrass, in partnership with Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), engineered the slot cuts in the concrete gravity dam in Murphy, North Carolina to proactively release compression stress caused by Alkalai Aggregate Reaction (AAR).  Vertical cuts release accumulated pressure, allowing manageable movement in the structure and unhindered operation of the gates.   


Successful concrete slot cutting requires careful planning by experienced engineers deploying project-specific diamond wire saws and support structures operated by Bluegrass’ skilled technicians.  Challenges of cutting the two 15mm wide slots included encounters with metal grounding rods embedded in the concrete, and strategically cutting around pipes and wires.   Mindful of ecological impacts and using sound environmental practices, Bluegrass minimized water usage and contained, recycled, filtered and disposed of the resulting slurry.


Bluegrass’ Project Manager, Bob Hulick recognized Bluegrass’ attention to safety: “The working conditions varied in extremes from height hazards to inclement weather. Bluegrass’ personnel experience and safety practices ensured the work was completed with zero environmental or safety incidents. “

Recognized as a global leader in the diamond wire saw industry, Bluegrass Concrete Cutting Inc. has successful operations domestically as well as internationally including Egypt, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, and Australia.  Bluegrass is committed to meeting customer requirements and exceeding customer expectations.  With 48-hour mobilization capabilities, excellent safety record and credentials, Bluegrass ensures that time-sensitive projects will be completed professionally and efficiently.

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